A physical postcard in a world of virtual goods

Original posted date: 2 May 2016

No matter how much we advance in our technology and migrate more and more aspects of life into the virtual realm, there is still this strange attachment to physical objects. I still like keeping small photobooks of my own photographs, and I enjoy shooting film very much. To me, being able to appreciate the physical embodiment of one's work is a magical feeling, given my complete opposite digital lifestyle.

Long story short, I whipped up an MVP for Esplorio Postcards when we were on a coding trip in Sri Lanka out of the frustration of having to find a post office, hunting for a generic card (as a photographer I want to send the gift of my own creation and experience) then trying to communicate which stamps I want. Instead, now that I've already had an Esplorio feed of organised pretty photos, a customised physical postcard to my loved ones is a tap and an Apple Pay touch away on the new version of Esplorio iOS app. See how easy it is:

This is why I love working in a startup - going from ideas to production is a very quick journey.

If you are interested in my work, please go ahead and check out https://home.esplor.io