Note to self - Always bring a business card

Original posted date: 30 March 2015

Side story on a football trip

A shot of Bath that I took a long time ago

So every year there is this Vietnamese thing in the UK where people in each city form a team, wear shorts and kick some inflated balls at each other out in the cold. We went for the qualification round down in Bath, Somerset on Sunday and stopped at a Thai restaurant for a quick lunch before the matches.

Here's where we ran into a lovely elder couple by the window, and had a long conversation with them over the meal. Vietnam, crazy motorcycle trips, how crappy the traffic is these days in Oxford and Bath, technology, Silicon Valley, entrepreneurship and start-ups etc were all in the mix of topics. I talked about my little project with a red compass icon, at which point he asked me for my card.

I was in a hurry, and I thought I'd never need my cards anyway because we'd only play football then come straight back, so I left all of them home. I ended up writing my contact details down on a Sainsbury's receipt and handed it to him, and now I really really hope it was not a receipt for something too embarassing. It could be worse...

Moral of the story: always bring your business cards, people, even to football matches - you never know where and when you might need it.

PS: I got praised by the old lady for speaking the Queen's tongue very well, so I got that going for me.

"You sound like you were not born in Vietnam, are you?", she said. Me: crying a bit inside