San Francisco stories #1

Original posted date: 14 February 2015

Land of opportunities and surprising encounters

It was a long Wednesday, we went around town to sort out a few things and decided to find a coffee place nearby to regroup, sit down, and gather our thoughts on what to do next.

Philz Coffee

We found Philz Coffee, really crowded with people buzzing around. Somehow all the four of us found some seats, and we started discussing ways to approach people in our upcoming pitches. It soon came to whether we should sell our Oxford origin.

"But do people over here actually know much about or are even familiar with Cambridge or Oxford?" - me asking Essa

And what was the chance of the person with the Macbook on that photo above being a Manager at Apple and also former Oxford student? :) She overheard and cut into our conversation. We had a bit of Oxford nostalgia going on, then mentioned our iOS work and we got introduced to a contact from Apple side to help with our upcoming app launch.

Now we've got yet another valuable contact in Silicon Valley by wandering around town. What is the chance of that?