San Francisco stories #2

Original posted date: 19 Feb 2015

Land of Code

I believe that in order to find out about what's hot around town, the quickest way is to hear what the people sing say.

Workshop Cafe

I personally prefer quiet places to work, and would try to endure the background noise as much as I can before resort to the big bad headphones (although I don't mind if the Rebel Army Theme is playing - best music to work along).

If there are two young girls gossiping next to me in a cafe (to be clear on this, I hate it) then typically it would be:

  • In Hanoi: who's gonna get married and expecting babies next month.

  • In London: what gig is on this weekend or that new clothes shop.

  • In San Francisco: a local build cannot get its dependencies because it cannot reach the Maven Nexus repo from outside the firewall.

That last one seriously messed with my mind because it is the kind of distraction I hate with a passion, but I actually can still understand.