San Francisco stories #3

Original posted date: 1 March 2015

Land of the Lost

Random photo just for the sake of it, woohoo

San Francisco has all sorts of people. There was this one night when we decided to stay up really late and have a slice of pizza in the city centre.

A homeless guy, with an almost deformed face (as far as I remember) and could not speak properly, walked into the pizza place asking people for money. Of course, he was not welcomed there and one thing led to another, he spat on to a customer. Then as he walked out, BAAAMM! there was a really loud noise behind us. It was a water bottle thrown from behind the counter straight to the homeless guy's face.

Then as we walked back we saw 2 people chasing each other from inside a Starbuck's. Apparently one was trying to steal the other's phone, and the latter was chasing the former with a bike chain in his hand all the way down the street.

It was a fun night.