San Francisco stories #5

Original posted date: 10 October 2015

Not your kind of people

Supermoon observers

POV of an outsider

On one hand, I got to meet exceptional individuals on my trip to San Francisco and the Bay Area. These people are the ones in the driving who push the limits of technology, constantly on the forefront of innovation, trying to have a shot at the impossible, and keeping the wealth flowing in. No exaggeration: they left me in awe of their intelligence and talents. Oh yes, there are way way more talents to tap into outside of Silicon Valley - but these superhumans are a totally different breed, seriously...

On the other hand, there are homeless folks roaming almost every street we walked/drove by, and many of them are mentally ill. One night, when I was waiting for the BART in SF centre to get to our place in Oakland, an old man came around, kept saying a lot of gibberish to everybody nearby - amongst which I made out the part where he said he was a vet in 'Nam (funnily enough...). He then proceeded to sing a song that I could not really understand either, danced along with it in a deranged way, spoke some more gibberish and walked away. I had a glance into his eyes and found them... well, soulless. It would have made a great photograph, but it was just all really sad so I hesitated and decided not to take the shot. Ever since, I have been reading more and more about the homeless and mental health problems of San Francisco - fascinating stuff.

All of it was just like a dream - SF is now 8 timezones away. A jet lag is like leaving your heart and soul somewhere else. It is time to readjust.

From High Wycombe, England